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Reduce Your Electricity Bill

The recent growing environmental issues and energy crisis has affected everyone. The depletion and fast consumption of non renewable sources is the main reason for it.

The governments alone cannot solve the rising energy problems. It is our duty to work with the government by putting our knowledge into action and using different methods to create energy.

This article provides a guideline for saving power and reducing electricity bills:

Use of Appliances:

The following appliances are present in almost every house and using them efficiently can help you save a lot of power and money.

Not only at your home but wherever you go, you should use power carefully.

1. Computer and Television:

When you are not using the computer or television, switch it off. Always turn of the monitor – do not put them on sleep mode or standby mode.

2. Air Conditioner:

Set the temperature of your air conditioner at the level you are comfortable. You don’t want to be wearing a sweater because the air in your home is too cold.

Minimize your usage and use it only when necessary. This will also help you save a lot of power.

3. Light bulbs: manejo de energia

Using compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of regular bulbs is also a good way to save power.

You should replace all the regular bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs.

4. Washing Machines:

Do not use your washing machine too often. You should try to reduce the number of washes and use it only when there is a full load of clothes. There are many detergents that work well in cold water.

5. Refrigerator:

Do not open and close the door of your refrigerator unnecessarily. Do not put hot food directly into the refrigerator.

6. Car

If you are using an air-conditioned car then use the air-conditioner when needed.

Moreover do not forget to close the windows before you switch on the air-conditioner

Managing Electricity Bills:

The form of power which is used the most in our houses is electricity. Here are some more steps that can reduce your electricity bills.

1. Limited Use:

Limit your use of electricity by switching and unplugging any electrical appliance not in use. Switch off lights, fans or any other appliances in the room even if you have to switch it on after five minutes.

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